Things Are Getting Stranger
80s Bottomless Cocktails + Retro Treats Speakeasy

Life has turned a little ‘upside down’, so we are back to play your favourite 1980s tunes and lift the spirit, by serving bottomless cocktails, inspired by the decade  - while indulging you in an array of much-loved retro sweets and snacks.  

With the popularity of TV show Stranger Things and Kate Bush at number one, there is a renewed interest in the 1980s, so we want you to come down our spiral case to this hidden Shoreditch treasure and travel back to that wonderful decade.

We will serve some signature drinks, such as espresso martinis, which are always popular and it would not be the real deal without having something blue, so we have mixed up something delightful for the occasion. 

We also want you to rediscover your inner child and offer what has been out of reach, locked away in the top cupboard for all those years - your favourite retro treats. We will have something for everybody savoury, sweet or sour, crunchy, crispy or chewy. Something that pops or something that melts in your mouth.


If you are asking 'should I stay or should I go', we think it’s a no brainer. Dig out your fanciest padded shoulder dress, double denim up or keep it casual with your favourite shiny leggings and let’s pump up the jam.


❕Each session lasts for one hour and thirty minutes and includes bottomless cocktails of four options and a selection of sweets and snacks.

❕If you have any special dietary requirements please contact us on so we can prepare accordingly.

❕Sip, sample or sink as many as you like, but please imbibe responsibly. We want you to be able to remember what a good time you had.

❕There will be an element of surprise to your visit - the showcased photos are a selection of our creations, drinks menu will be revealed on the day.