Bottomless Espresso Martini /// Enchanting Xmas Edition

We are very excited to announce our return to celebrate 2021 Christmas at a truly enchanting venue in Shoreditch for a bottomless espresso martini extravaganza!

You all know the script by now; we will be serving our crowd-favourite Christmas espresso martinis for you to indulge in alongside Dick Bradsell's timeless original espresso martini. In addition, we’re offering a separate bottomless Xmas special for our non-coffee drinking friends. 


Espresso Martinis:

  • 🍸 Usual Suspect (the one that started it all, a classic espresso martini)

  • 🍸 Golden Salt (who doesn’t love salted caramel?)

  • 🍸 Chai in the Sky (our favourite kind of tea break)

  • 🍸 Take the Biscuit (biscuity surprise of the day)


Xmas Special:

  • 🍸 Christmas Cosmo (SATC's signature drink with a twist)


It’s been a long old slog since our last Christmas blast, and we cannot wait to get back to doing what we do best - supplying you with endless espresso martinis. 

❕Each session lasts for 1h 30mins.

❕Sip, sample or sink as many as you like, but please imbibe responsibly. We want you to be able to remember what a good time you had.

❕We reserve the right to alter the final drinks offering and garnishes.

❕If you have any enquiries please contact us on